The complex operation the UK planned to avoid shows Elizabeth II’s fragile health condition

The state of health of Elizabeth II, queen of England, is increasingly giving inevitable decline symptomsnormal, on the other hand, taking into account her age, because in a month she will be 96 years old.

For this reason, the British royal family had to work hard so that the king could continue to assume his responsibilities and at the same time, the people do not see clearly the decline.

The next appointment on her agenda is the first anniversary of the death of her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who died at the age of 99 on April 9, 2021. And as reported by the British press, Buckingham Palace is planning quasi-military operations to take the king to her husband’s memorial service, while keeping him out of sight paparazzi.

As expressed by Daily mailit was planned that the queen fly 15 minutes by helicopter from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace for the event, which takes place on March 29.

The head of state will then be taken a short distance from the Palace to Westminster Abbey. The entire courtyard will be closed according to the royal house plan, which also includes a six-foot-high privacy screen and the possibility of a tunnel, in the style of a football field, which would block the view of any photographer when the queen exited her vehicle.

Apparently the queen he doesn’t want to be seen in public in a wheelchair for fear of repeating the famous image of his late sister, Princess Margaret, in the months before his death.

The report comes after Elizabeth II stepped down from Commonwealth Day duties last week over concerns about her “comfort” on the 60-mile journey, and questions about whether she could bear to sit in the Abbey. more than an hour.

Nonetheless, the queen was determined to attend the Duke of Edinburgh’s memorial service. Elizabeth II wants to walk as long as possible and has so far ruled out the use of a wheelchair in public.

Nonetheless, Buckingham Palace respects this option so the queen can make a move south and east enclosures with greater speed and convenience. The possibility of him being able to sit before the crowd instead of being the last, as is tradition, is also being explored.

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