The British want to kick their royal family

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Calls for change within the British royal family are growing louder. During Prince William and his wife Kate’s tour through Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas, there was deafening criticism, which was heard even in the British House of Commons.

Dating the British royal family in particular is a thorn in the side of many Britons, thinks correspondent Lia van Bekhoven. “Perhaps the best example of this is Prince William and Princess Kate standing in an open Land Rover inspecting the guard of honor,” he said. ‘He was uniformed in many colors of white and gold; one newspaper even captioned it ‘more 1932 than 2022’.

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According to Van Bekhoven, that image is no longer possible. ‘It’s also very polite here. That in itself was a wrong step they took in the field of PR, but it was also mainly the protests about slavery and involvement in the slavery of the British aristocrats. So discussions of the monarchy and its relevance, its expiration, dominated the visit. It has caused a lot of turmoil in Great Britain.’


The British press was almost unanimous in its opinion, said Van Bekhoven: the royals had to change. Discussions are being carried out widely in the UK, but how else should it be? “First of all, it is recommended that fewer titles be awarded,” he continued. ‘For example, Prince Charles is the Prince of Wales, we know that but other than that he is this Duke, that Earl, Baron of something else, so deletion is suggested. Prince is enough. They also want to cancel the Prime Minister’s weekly visit to Buckingham Palace. Not as long as the queen is alive, of course, and the knife has to be family size. Charles has said that before.’


But that’s not enough, thought Van Bekhoven. ‘The leading role in the Commonwealth must also go. British royals must have equal relations with the other 53 Commonwealth countries. They also had to give up many palaces, have fewer privileges and become less involved in politics.’

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The British royal family isn’t really going to fall apart, says Van Bekhoven, because Britain loves royalty too much for that. ‘This is the inherent splendor and state of England. And not only them, we think it’s beautiful too. So if you can do it once in a while, England can definitely live with it. But the content of all that I mentioned should be different. It should decrease. And it’s interesting to see that, of course, it has been around for a long time. People have been watching it for a long time, but now it seems to have worked. And I’ve never seen that before.

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