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Heardle became very popular in March this year. In a trivia game you hear a few seconds from the start of a song, after which you have to guess which song it is.

You can search for a number via a search engine. Then Heardle, like Wordle, lets you tweet your results in black and green blocks.

Spotify also quickly got involved – the company already tweeted about the game on March 7. According to an blog post company, millions of people still play the game on a regular basis.

Limited to certain countries

“We see Heardle as more than just a trivia game: it’s also a way to discover music,” the audio streaming platform wrote. Spotify is probably hoping to entice users to listen to more music this way. The company itself wrote that it wanted to offer “more interactivity” on Spotify.

Heardle has been available worldwide until now. However, Spotify said it will offer the game to users in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand starting today, and then to “millions of others around the world.” Online, some users outside the country reported that they could no longer access the app.

Spotify also said it has plans to further integrate games into its app to “give music lovers a deeper connection with artists.”

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