Spain, 2nd happiest country in Europe

Global Happiness has prepared a study to find out what countries with higher happiness index. The results of this study were obtained after doing a survey of more than a thousand residents of 30 countries. While it seems that Spaniards are happy people, this study reveals otherwise. 55% of Spaniards say they are not happy. So only Hungary has higher levels of unhappiness.

The level of happiness in Spain has increased slightly, because During the pandemic, 62% of Spaniards admit to feeling sad. This percentage can be affected by the number of days we spend at home without being able to go out. Even though the level of unhappiness has fallen, our country is still in the queue.

Spain is far below average when it comes to happiness.and. The average population of all countries in the world confirms that 67% are happy. That is, 12% more than what was collected in this study in the Spanish population.

On the opposite side of the classification, we find a country whose citizens claim to be happy. First of all, found Netherlands with 86%, followed by the UK and France with 83% and 81% respectively.

Yours faithfullyFactors that affect our happiness include health, love and money. Health became the most voted with 54%. Spaniards attach great importance not only to physical well-being, but also mental well-being. The second to get the most votes of those surveyed was the welfare of families and children, which accounted for 49%. And, finally, money refers to the fact that they can live in optimal conditions. On the other hand, what makes us sad is the use of social networks.

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