Smith+Nephew Introduces Smart Glasses in the Operating Room to Enable Remote Technical Support for British Surgeons During Procedures

Smith+Nephew has announced a partnership with Rods&Cones to provide customers with smart surgical glasses and digital remote assistance. Providing customers with smart surgery glasses allows a Smith+Nephew representative to “see” through the eyes of a surgeon, instrument nurse or other healthcare professional using glasses, enabling continuous remote support before, during and after surgical procedures. Originally deployed in the UK to support the NHS and other customers, this solution will allow Smith+Nephew to enhance its ability to provide technical support for the safe and effective use of its products at the right time and from any place in the world. The increasing complexity of operations, technological advances and the need for productivity and efficiency are made possible by ensuring that a specialist is available remotely to provide the best expertise, right when needed and at least in a disruptive manner. The multi-year agreement with Rods&Cones allows Smith+Nephew to increase remote support capacity for clients, enabling connectivity with specialized surgeons during minimally invasive surgery. The MIS (Minimally Invasive Surgery) kit connects seamlessly to the secure Rod&Cone Remote Expert interface, allowing users to monitor and attend surgery as if they were in the operating theatre, but with a precise view of the surgeon or other healthcare provider.

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