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B&R has equipped the ACOPOS P3 servo drive with Safe Torque determination, which allows the use of various integrated safety functions.

B&R now supplies Acopos P3 servo drives with Safe Torque determination. This makes external sensors for safety functions unnecessary.


The company bases its Safe Torque determination on internal flow measurements. This enables Safely Limited Torque (SLT), Safe Speed ​​Observer (SSO) and Safe Brake Test (SBT) safety functions. These functions are suitable for safety applications up to SIL 2 / PL d / Cat level. 3. The SLT function serves, for example, to reliably limit torque in the drive system. This is to prevent mechanical overload. The SLT also minimizes the risk of being pinched or pinched by the operator while working on the machine.

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Virtual speed sensor SSO facilitates the use of secure encoder-less SLS security functions. Very useful when using linear or torque motors without integrated, safe.

The SBT function is used to control and monitor the retaining brake. The data collected provides insight into the condition of the brakes and any damage or wear.

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