Santander with big losses: – Waking up to a surprise Christmas bonus

Tens of thousands of people in the UK woke up on Christmas Day to a surprise from an unexpected donor.

Major lending bank Santander accidentally paid NOK 1.5 billion to thousands of individuals and companies on Christmas Day. melder The Guardian.

Have to pay after divorce

Paid double

About 75,000 people and companies receiving one-time or regular payments from the 2,000 companies with bank accounts inadvertently received more money on December 25.

Santander employees are now in a hurry to get the money back, although the job will be difficult as most of the amount is held in rival bank accounts, according to The Times.

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The error occurred when payments from 2000 company accounts were made twice.

“We regret that a technical issue caused some payments from our corporate customers to be improperly duplicated in the beneficiary’s account,” the bank said in a statement.

They wrote that the error may have resulted in some people actually receiving two payments from the employer’s account, even though the other payments were financed by Santander.

Celebrity daughter: - No money

Celebrity daughter: – No money

Spend Christmas holidays

A payroll manager, who was not named, told the BBC the mistake had overshadowed Christmas.

“It ruined my Christmas holiday because I thought I had paid hundreds of thousands by mistake, I thought I had done something wrong,” he told the BBC.

– I thought it was just me and I would have problems at work.

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The payroll manager further claims that Santander has not provided any information about how the error should be explained to employees, or how the money should be returned.

– It’s just a mess, he said.

Santander stressed that they had already started talking to rival British banks, which The Times said included Barclays, HSBC, NatWest, Co-operative Bank and Virgin Money.

However, it is not clear how the bank will react if the customer has already spent the money. This means that if the customer wants to return it, they must transfer the account.

Banks will also contact individuals directly to get their money back.

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