‘Rutte challenges Hungarian prime minister to start EU exit procedure’ Outback

During heated discussions about the rights of homosexuals and other members of the LGBTI community, Rutte asked Orbán why he didn’t use the so-called Article 50 of the EU treaty if he didn’t want to live up to Unity’s standards and values. There’s a reason Article 50 exists, Rutte told Orbán. Using the article, Great Britain started the Brexit procedure in March 2017 when Britain left the European Union.

Before the summit began, Rutte had already attacked Hungary and Orbán. The reason is laws that prohibit education and the media from bringing young people into contact with, for example, homosexuals and transgender people. According to Orbán, his colleagues have misunderstood the law and it is not about homosexuality.

Rutte was supported by several leaders. Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo previously called the law “backward” and, according to an insider in the room, told Orbán: “Being gay is not an option, being homophobic is.” Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, who was the first gay head of government to marry his friend in 2015, is also said to have used abusive language.

Orbán is not alone. Poland and Slovenia have backed it, according to EU sources. No leader will miss a discussion.

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Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s statement that Hungary has “no business in the EU” if the country does not improve, “is nothing more than a new episode in a series of blackmails,” Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga tweeted. Hungary does not want to leave the EU. Instead, we want to save him from the hypocrites.”

Varga goes one step further on Facebook. He accused Rutte of “old colonial arrogance” and wrote that he would fight “all his life to ensure that the Hungarians don’t have to kneel before Rutte and the other invaders.”

That doesn’t leave Varga’s Dutch partner, Ferd Grapperhaus alone. “Justice is not hypocrisy,” he tweeted back to “Dear Judit Varga.” “The minister of justice is the first defender of equal treatment for all people in the EU, regardless of where they were born, what gender or orientation they are. We must firmly reject any laws or policies that limit the rights of LGBTI people. We all.”


Rutte called Orbán “shameless” and would prefer to get Hungary out of the European Union if the country continues to act like this. “Unfortunately, I can’t say for myself, and even with other Member States: you have to get out,” said Rutte.

It’s bad that politics and sport are intertwined, says Telegraaf reporter Wierd Duk in a new episode of the podcast. ‘Strange Duck’:

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