Reporter goes viral: Philip discusses the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in six languages

Philip Crowther, international correspondent at The Associated Press (AP). Crowther is a polyglot: one who speaks many languages.

Videos on Twitter

He posted the video himself on Twitter last night. The journalist has an English father and a German mother, and was born in Luxembourg. She speaks English, German and Luxembourgish as her mother tongue and the other three languages ​​- Spanish, French and Portuguese – fluently.

Crowther has been employed by the AP as a TV and radio journalist since March 2019. on the site for reading. He covers major events around the world, such as the G-20 Summit in Japan, the G7 Summit in the UK and the Olympics in Tokyo.

He did this for the Voice of America news channels, Euronews and TRT World, as well as for national broadcasters in Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, South Korea, Canada and the United States.

‘More than impressive’

Videos on Twitter have been viewed millions of times, received tens of thousands of likes and thousands of retweets. “This is more than impressive. As a native speaker of both languages, your accent is A+”, said a woman.

Other comments: “Very impressive, sir! And your Brazilian-Portuguese accent is perfect”, “superman-esque show”, and “amazing. This is very impressive.”

Crowther is currently reporting on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, having recently covered the Winter Olympics in Beijing. President Vladimir Putin announced in a lengthy TV address to the Russian people last night that Russia recognized the self-declared independence of the ‘people’s republics’ of Donetsk (DNR) and Luhansk (LNR).

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