Record number of migrants crossing the Straits last year

Last year, more than 28,000 migrants crossed the Channel to get from France to Britain. Never before had so many people crossed in a year, the AP news agency reported, based on an analysis of government data.

At least 28,395 people reached the UK via the Channel last year, a threefold increase from the previous year. The peak occurred in November, when 6869 people crossed the road with relatively good weather conditions. On November 11, 1,185 people reached the shores of England, the highest number in a single day.

According to government data, the rapid increase from 2020 is partly explained by the fact that people smugglers used bigger vessels last year than ever before. On average there is room for about 28 people, and in some cases 50 passengers can fit on the ship.

inflatable pool

The journey across the Strait is not without risk, it turns out towards the end of the year. On November 24, 27 migrants drowned while trying to cross in a vehicle that French authorities have likened to an inflatable pool.

The sheer number of migrants crossing the street has long caused tensions between Paris and London. France and the UK feel that they are doing too little to stop unwanted migration.

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