Rat the size of a ‘cat’ invades British toilets

#News | The United Kingdom is on a public health alert due to an increase in the number of rats.

British residents complain about the health problems they experience due to this type of pest.

According to some residents, they have reported that several times they found unpleasant surprises of cat-sized mice in their toilets.

Some people define animals with bones that are too flexible, which allows them to easily submerge and insert the tube, in the same way, some experts assert that they can hold their breath for up to three minutes.

Likewise, Ian Helands, a pest expert, told local newspaper the Daily Star that these rodents are essentially “taking over” and action must be taken to reduce public health problems.

In the same sense, Norwich City Council is not standing still and is providing several alternatives that citizens can use to combat this situation.

First of all. Lower the chain before using the toilet and always keep the lid closed, as well as garage doors or entrances to the house must be kept closed to prevent access points.

Please note that these animals can contract the disease from humans who have a system called Weil, this disease is transmitted through the urine of infected animals and if not treated can cause bleeding, fever and even death.

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