Queen Elizabeth II returns to her duties after her health problems

07/05/2022 at 19:57


The King of England should deal with fewer problems

Now, you can delegate to any member of the royal family

In recent months, Queen Elizabeth II of England has suffered certain health and mobility problems which had hindered his ability to preside over the country’s Royal House. Now, having recovered, to hers 96 years old age has decided to return to his job duties. Of course, he has delegated some of his duties to his son: Prince Charles. Apart from that, he also experienced some disappointments in his personal life due to the Prince Andrew scandal, related to the Epstein case.

In this way, even though he returned to his duty, he did in a reduced way. Now you only have thirteen obligations to fulfill, and all of them you will be able to do delegate them to a member of the royal family if you want.

Its contractual obligations with England have remained unchanged for more than ten years. However, in recent years the queen has had to face various setbacks such as the death of her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh or the separation of her grandson from the royal family.

isabella II He is the second longest-serving king on the throne. He has ruled the island nation for more than 70 years. just surpass him Louis XIV of Francewhich is known as Sun King.

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