Pugs’ Health Is So Bad They’re No Longer ‘Typical Dogs’: Study

British researcher concluded, after a study, that pugs’ health was so poor that they could no longer be considered “special dog

The breed has become popular in recent years, but reports published in BioMed Central (BMC) noted that he had a disorder and critical health challenges that separates it from conventional dog breeds.

“The very different health profiles between the pug and other dogs in the UK indicate that the pug has substantially diverged from conventional dog breeds and can no longer be considered a regular dog from a health perspective,” they wrote.

We list some of them physical problem most common, according to veterinarians.

– The pug dog had 8 ultra-predispositions among 30 common disorders (26.7%), such as nares stenosis, corneal ulceration, skin infection in skin folds, hearing releaseallergic skin disorders and demodicosis.

-It obesity was the most common disorder in pugs, affecting 17.4%. This directly impacts your life expectancy and quality of life; They also have a higher risk of developing osteoarthritis, diabetes mellitus and neoplasia.

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– Their reluctance to defend themselves is listed as a problem because, although they may appear funny and loving, the fact that they are not defending themselves is not normal behavior.

-It pugs are considered a race with extreme brachycephaly. That is, they have a very flat face that causes them to suffer from respiratory problems. They were 53.92 times more likely to have brachycephalic respiratory syndrome compared to other dogs.

“There is strong evidence that dyspnea, snoring, shortness of breath and sleep apnea that are characteristic clinical signs of BOAS are widely normalized in breeds. Perhaps most worrying is that some of these pathological signs are considered desirable characteristics of Pugs, including the perception of ‘laziness,'” they wrote.

– Corneal ulceration is the third highest predisposition to pugs. 6.8% suffer from it compared to 0.7% of other races.

UK Kennel Club has upgraded pugs to Breedwatch Category 3 to prevent them from looking for features like excessive nose crease you too protruding eyesbecause it causes imperfect blinking and pain in the eye due to damage or poor conformation of the eyelids.

Study period pug dog for this report is one year. The study population was 905,544 dogs: 4,308 pugs and 21,835 non-pugs.

Britain’s Brachycephalic Task Force insists dogs should no longer be seen as a moldable commodity adapt to humans and instead they should be seen as living beings whose welfare is our responsibility. They called for changes to the law to include this perspective.

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