Protest against French wind farms at sea near De Panne: “Windmills as big as the Eiffel Tower”

Today the political party Vlaams Belang and their French sister party Rassemblement National are campaigning against the wind farm plans at Bray-Dunes in France. The second action was held shortly before the French parliamentary elections. “We have one common goal and that is to oppose the approval of the plan for the wind farm”, said Vlaams Belang federal representative, Wouter Vermeersch. “The 300 meter high mega windmill is the same size as the Eiffel Tower. It not only blocks the historic shipping route between Ostend and England, but also blocks the beautiful ocean views at De Panne. The wind farm would be very destructive.” disturbing our fishing boats and fun on the beach. . “

“The Flemish government has submitted a proposal to the French government to place the windmills a little further out to sea with smaller turbines, as the Flemish wind farm is to be built. But they don’t want to have a dialogue with us. about this. Northern France was also dissatisfied with the plan. They haven’t been given a voice in it. So we urge further dialogue with our sister side about this project,” Vermeersch concluded.

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