Premier League clubs will not release players to “red” countries

PL clubs will not provide players for national team matches if the team they are facing is on the list of English countries that have a red infection pressure.

It reports Premier League on his site.

The Premier League organization indicates that this applies to September. In total, this will affect 19 PL clubs and nearly 60 players who will travel to the 26 countries that are today categorized as red on England’s infection pressure list.

Players traveling to the red countries will be subject to a ten-day hotel quarantine, and thus they could essentially miss two league rounds in the Premier League, one round in the European Cup and one round in the League Cup when they return to England.


– We are reluctant, but have just concluded that releasing players under these circumstances makes absolutely no sense, said Richard Masters, who is CEO of the Premier League.

Currently, no Norwegian player is subject to this ban for the next three matches in World Cup qualifiers.

The only countries in Europe for which the UK has been designated as red are Georgia and Turkey.

The national teams in South America were among the hardest hit by the OT club’s decision. Brazil have selected nine players from the Premier League for the national team encounter and three games in September.


Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah is among those returning to Egypt to play international matches, and Egypt is the country the United Kingdom has defined as red.

There may also be politics among the PL club decisions. PL clubs are unhappy that the International Football Association (Fifa) has extended the time for international matches in South America from nine to eleven days. They want FIFA to change that.


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