Polestar 5 gets faster and lighter with new platform

Polestar 5 will get a new custom platform. This makes the car lighter and more energy efficient.


The Polestar 5, a performance electric four-door GT, launched in 2024 will feature a new platform developed and built in the UK. This is a special adhesive aluminum platform that Polestar says will be very light. Aluminum adhesives offer increased performance and environmental benefits. In the past, this technology was rather labor intensive and difficult to deploy in mass production vehicles without sacrificing quality. Now Polestar’s 280-strong team of engineers have solved this challenge by developing a new, faster manufacturing process that develops the body and platform in one piece.

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Polar star 5

Thanks to new materials and techniques, the body-in-white (platform and full body) is expected to be lighter than cars in the smaller segment. This contributes to increased vehicle efficiency, real-world EV range and dynamic responsiveness. The new adhesive aluminum platform will also contribute to faster, high-quality and robust product introductions.

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Development of Polestar 5 continues at a rapid pace, with a global effort led by a growing UK R&D team, expected to grow to approximately 500 engineers in the coming months and continue to play a key role in enhancing Polestar’s in-house R&D capabilities.

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