Physical exercise to lift your mood

The state of mind in people can vary for different reasons, either personal or due to stress. Likewise, everyone has a different way of dealing with situations and dealing with these feelings.

According to information from Mayo Clinic, physical activity can help increase the production of endorphins, a neurotransmitter in the brain that promotes feelings of well-being. In that sense, any type of aerobic exercise or exercise contributes to this process.

Another quality of practice is its ability to reduce the negative effects of stressIt also improves cardiovascular, digestive and immune system health. In general, physical activity and a balanced diet are pillars of a healthy lifestyle, which is why they are usually included in doctors’ traditional recommendations.

In addition to the positive effects of exercise on physical health, this type of activity also has an effect on mental health. For example, they help increase self-confidence, help a person relax, and reduce symptoms of depression or mild anxiety. On the same line, Mayo Clinic He adds that exercise improves sleep habits, which are important to give the body the rest it needs.

Exercise to improve mood

In general, any physical activity stimulates the production of endorphins, which is why they are useful for promoting feelings of well-being. According to a study conducted by the University of Essex, UK, cited by portal The Summa Movement”During the first five minutes of outdoor exercise, the greatest improvements were in self-esteem and improved mood.“.

The first step consists of a warm-up, an important detail in any sport or discipline to “wake up” the body and prepare it before starting physical activity. In this way, the senses are alerted, the joints are stimulated and the risk of suffering injury is potentially reduced.

One of the most common warm-ups is “clown”, which consists of jumping on a stand, making a coordinated opening of the legs and arms. In this way, the lower and upper body are activated.

The first exercise described by the aforementioned portal consists in making the transition from two positions: from bridge to cobra. For its implementation you can have a mat or blanket to put your hands on the ground. The bridge figure is achieved by sticking the hands and feet to the ground, sticking out the tail and pointing it at the sky, keeping the legs and back straight. After holding on to that starting position for a few seconds, he brought his hips into the duel and pushed against his chest, bringing him forward. In this way the position of the cobra is reached.

The second exercise involves lift hips with arm movement. To achieve this, you need to support your back on the mat, looking up. Knees should be bent to keep heels straight and flat on the ground. Then, the hips should be raised at the same time as stretching the arms out to the sides, bringing them from the bottom up.

The third exercise requires a higher level of resistance. For its implementation, a position similar to “lizard” or flexion of the chest should be adopted. Nextn, one hand is raised, at the same time the hip is rotated to achieve the correct extension. If the right hand is raised, the body turns to the right; whereas if the left hand is raised then the body rotates in the same direction.

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