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The risk of prostate cancer deaths are higher among overweight menaccording to a large study published this Thursday, which however did not establish a direct physiological relationship.

For the study published in the journal BMC Medicine, researchers analyzed data from more than 200,000 men from the base Biobankan organization that has been collecting health data in the UK for many years.

These elements are crossed with the results of major studies that have been published on the subject, which expanded the statistical base to 2.5 million cases.

The researchers concluded that the risk of death from prostate cancer, which is common in men, is associated with being overweightdirectly: the greater the obesity, the more likely it is to die.

Until recently, this link was suspected, but some researchers point to a correlation that is essentially between belly fat and that deadly risk.

“Regardless of where the fat is, the results don’t change much,” said epidemiologist Aurora Pérez Cornago, lead author of the study.

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Now it remains to determine what the immediate medical cause is. Does being overweight cause patients to produce molecules that support this type of cancer? Or are these men not going to the doctor as often as they should, which would help detect cancer symptoms early? (I)

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