Omikron keeps people away from sports competitions until the end of January

The Belgian Consulting Committee has decided today. Starting Sunday morning, the public is no longer welcome to take part in sports competitions, both indoors and outdoors. And it also affects cyclocross. Dendermonde was the first of many victims, but stricter measures are in effect until January 28.

There is no lockdown, as in the Netherlands. But stricter measures are also significant in Belgium. Cinemas, theaters and concert halls are closed, indoor activities no longer allowed, with the exception of museums and sporting activities. However, the public is no longer allowed in these sports activities.

Christmas markets are still allowed, as long as it’s good crowd control, but not the public at outdoor sporting events. All action will take effect from Sunday morning, meaning concrete cyclocross no cyclocross fans will be able to attend for the next six weeks.

However, the booster vaccination in Belgium is going well. Four out of ten adults have received the third injection. The infection rate also decreased, but on the other hand the percentage of infections with the omicron variant increased. So preventive measures are taken.

There’s been a bit of a misunderstanding in cyclocross. “We saw this coming,” said Christophe Impens of Golazo. “This is not a happy time. Will the match continue? I assume so, but we must first consult with the mayor. And we have to look at the budget. But the fact is, when there is a race, everyone has to compromise: the organisers, the riders and the federation.”

“Football glitch”
Koen Monu, Heusden-Zolder organizer, shows sporza blame football. “The image in the football stadium has not been good,” he said. “The behavior of football supporters is not good enough to convince the Deliberative Committee that there is a sport that can be held. I think we are the victims.”

Monu also sat down with the mayor of Zolder and the Circuit director. But he said he had no desire to proceed with the cancellation. “Everything is ready, all contracts have been signed.”

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