Nursing and Pharmacy will issue sick leave

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

A wider reach of healthcare professionals can legally declare sick leave to reduce pressure on doctors in accordance with new rules being processed in the UK Parliament. This new law, which, once approved, will enter into force on July 1 and will take effect in English, Wales you Scotlandwill allow pharmacists, nurses, occupational therapists and physical therapists provide temporary disability to patients who need it. This move follows the path of changes made last April, which allowed victims to be certified digitally.

According to a special magazine BMJthat British Medical Association (BMA) welcomed the move. In fact, the entity is currently supporting more healthcare professionals who can sign medical leave, albeit with certain limits.

New guide to medical leave extension

In this regard, the BMA has emphasized that the loss of casualties must be within limits ‘scope of practice’ of these professionals, who new guide provide advice on this dispensation, with the aim of reducing the bureaucratic burden that family doctors face on a daily basis.

For its part, Royal College of Pharmacist (RPS) has stated “a series of worries” that need to be addressed to enable pharmacists to provide adequate discharge.

More time for doctors and patients

British BMA GP committee vice president, Kieran Sharrock, has highlighted that the announcement is a “positive step”. “We hope this will help improve the process for people who need confirmation that they are not fit to work and free gps“, he stressed, stressing that the regulations would allow professionals to spend more time treating patients.

“The BMA has been explaining for years that maybe— It may not always be necessary or appropriate for a general practitioner to issue a dischargeespecially when the patient has seen a different member of the practice team for their condition, such as a nurse or physical therapist.”

Like Sharrock, vice president of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), Gary Howsam, has stressed that this move will help free up time for doctors to provide better patient care. “While this would be a positive step to help reduce the bureaucratic burden that doctors face on a daily basis, in the end the Government must take action. additional action to address increasing workloads in general practice and chronic labor shortages.”

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