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In the last few hours they reported from the UK a new variant of Omicron called BA.2. That UK Health Safety Agency responsible for reporting sub-variants, which, as they describe, show “substantial growth” of transmission in relation to the parent strain, getting %126 higher every week.

In a statement, the UK agency expanded: “BA.2 has a higher growth rate compared to BA.1 (native micron) in all areas of the UK where there are sufficient numbers of cases to evaluate. Although the growth rate may be underestimated at first. new variant, the current real growth advantage is quite large.”

At the same time, from Chicago, assistant professor of medicine for infectious diseases at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Ramon Lorenzo Redondo, warned the press: “Of all the Omicron lineages, this is the one that shows the greatest increase in cases. But you have to be careful when interpreting it, because the highest increase from very low numbers is easier to detect.” “.

However, from the WHO they point out that the variance is something to be expected in the context of unequal vaccination in the world, and it should not represent a particular situation or concern.

Moreover, they believe that investigation of the characteristics of this novel variant, including its ability to mimic antibodies and its virulence, i.e., whether it causes more aggressive disease, should be prioritized independently, and should be compared with omicron. In the United Kingdom, BA.2 has been considered a variant under investigation.|


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