New subsidiary Fiber Cable Link to Norway Lands in UK

Good news. NO-UK Cable Project, led by consulting firm Computer network, A new fiber optic cable for subwoofers between Norway and the UK with data rates of up to 216 Tbps (terabits), has finally been confirmed to have reached this sea side by landing at Seaton Sluice Beach near Newcastle.

After years of preparation, the marine installation program for a new 670 km long open cable system and 8 open cable based fiber repeaters is finally running in one place in June 2021. Unemployment (Norway). Since then, it has slowly moved towards the UK across the North Sea and eventually became part of the larger European fiber network set up by Altibax Carrier, Euroconnect-1.

Brand: This cable aims to provide an approximate round delay (RTD). 7ms (delay).

Marine installation carried out by Global Marine Cable Ship Nordic Clipper, Repeater provided by STI (System Design Xtera’s) and NSW cable. 760 km of cable, now landing on both sides Stelium data center I’m Newcastle (England) Green Mountain data center In Rennessee, Stavanger (Norway).

If it’s unlikely that all will go well, there’s no reason not to hope to continue to do so. The cable is expected to be ready for use by the end of this year. This cable can provide dark fiber or background capacity to any major POP in the Nordic or UK.

The project represents a consortium of operators, Lies, Howeland Craft, BKK, Rifleke IKS, Green Mountain and the Hotland group with operator Ultibox.

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