Navarra confirms first positive for monkeypox and studies her contacts

The Navarra Government Department of Health has registered the first case of monkeypox in a regional community. It has been detected this week and Navarro-Osasunbidea Health Service He had confirmed it as a positive. This was conveyed this Thursday at a press conference by the Director General of Health Carlos Artundo who explained that case monitoring was carried out with close contacts “in a circle”, according to state protocol. “That will be done, just as it is done in other Communities. This is not a population strategy, it is personal to the patient,” he added.

It World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that monkeypox-positive people in non-endemic countries number 643142 of these have been detected in Spain, which is in third place, behind the UK, which has 190 cases and Portugal with 119. On the other side of the Atlantic, lower incidences are recorded at less than thirty, Canada (26) and United States of America (18). The first cases were reported in mid-May, but it is now known that there has been undetected and ongoing transmission for some time, although specialists have not been able to determine whether it was weeks, months or days. many years.

The WHO has also been pushing for the fight against the stigma associated with the disease, because in addition to being wrong “it can deter patients from seeking medical attention and thus make it harder to contain it.” Experts insist that epidemic can be controlled and they have underlined the priority of fighting the disease in the endemic focus of central and west Africa where 66 people infected with monkeypox have died this year.

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