Nasuni buys storage specialist Storage Made Easy

Nasuni recently acquired Storage Made Easy (SME), a cloud-based file storage specialist. The purchase should lead to new possibilities on the Nasuni File Data Platform.

Takeover from SME brings new functionality to the Nasuni File Data platform. Especially in the areas of remote work and compliance. Customers can further modernize their data file infrastructure and reduce data storage costs. Nasuni is also working on updates for file storage, backup, and defense against ransomware.


The Nasuni Data Platform extension will provide customers with desktop synchronization for offline access. Remote and hybrid employees also get faster access to file data without using a VPN connection. Furthermore, Nasuni integrated new platforms such as Teams, Slack and Office 365.

Other options

Nasuni File Data Platform users also get more options for object storage in public cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. This makes it easier for them to convert their existing legacy file infrastructure to a modern environment.

Furthermore, the acquisition will allow Nasuni to further expand its activities in the EMEA region. This is partly due to a greater presence in the UK.

Tip: Nasuni introduces ransomware protection for data files

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