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The Ministry of Health through the National Center for Epidemiology, Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) issued an epidemiological warning about severe acute hepatitis of unknown cause in children, to discourage health professionals from public and private agencies at the national level. This is after the World Health Organization (WHO) warned and communicated about these cases.

In this context, on 5 April 2022, the United Kingdom reported, via the WHO International Health Regulations (IHR) notification channel, an increase in cases of severe acute hepatitis of unknown cause.

Likewise, the characteristics of the affected cases ranged between the month of birth and the age of 16 years, and in most cases they did not show fever, and no viruses associated with this disease were detected (hepatitis A, B, C, D and E), according to health organization.

As of May 3, 2022, there has been a report more than 200 cases in 20 countries. Most of them are in the UK, which was the first country to notify the WHO.

In America, cases have been registered in the United States, while in ours it has not been reported, therefore it is recommended that countries in the region monitor the situation. For now, PAHO/WHO is providing countries with information on criteria and definitions to assist in monitoring.

For this reason, the CDC recommends that medical professionals report any case of acute hepatitis of unknown cause to those in charge of the health agency’s Epidemiology, as well as to Diris, Diresa, Geresa, Essalud, Armed Forces, PNP, and the private sector.

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Published: 7/5/2022

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