Mazda aims for premium image, but clearly “non-German”

If each brand takes its own place in the automotive arena, Mazda’s position is clearly that of enduring individualist. He doesn’t need a click and he just does his own thing, but what he does, he does it well. Therefore, these world’s premium brands may just hold on to their hearts, as Mazda will now set its sights on a higher segment.

New Lexus?

For example, Jeremy Thomson, Managing Director of Mazda in the UK, told the UK trainer that the brand wants to be a credible alternative to well-known premium players. Although there are nuances in this, because the director also immediately hinted that Mazda was not eyeing the position of the three Germans referring to Audi, BMW, and Mercedes. He even admits that the constructors are already so good at their own game that it’s unrealistic to try to beat them at it. Thomson is leaning more towards an alternative image like Lexus, though Mazda says things in Europe are a bit bigger than Toyota’s luxury offshoot.

Unlike Toyota — or Honda and Nissan, even though their premium brands are no longer present in Europe — Mazda doesn’t appear to be planning to sub-brand its higher ambitions. Instead, the manufacturer wants to amplify the value of ride pleasure, durability and technology that lies under its own logo. By the way, we’ve seen that happen with the upcoming CX-60 and the CX-80, which is the first Mazda to be equipped with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, rear-wheel drive and has a powerful six-cylinder engine in its lineup.

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