KFC in UK: – Found chicken head in food:

JustEat UK’s review of popular fast food restaurant KFC has sent social media boiling over.

It writes British online newspaper Independent.

– Fried chicken head

A customer calling herself Gabrielle gave the restaurant two stars – and attached a picture explaining why she slaughtered the fast food chain.

– I found a fried chicken head in my chicken wing. It made me lose my appetite for the rest, wow, it claims in the review.

Surprising find: Closed at noon

The food must have been ordered from KFC Feltham in Twickenham, England.

In the picture, he is holding a chicken head with a recognizable beak and eyes, which appear to have been fried along with the chicken wings.

CHICKEN HEAD: These are definitely not chicken wings.  Photo: @TakeoutTrauma

CHICKEN HEAD: These are definitely not chicken wings. Photo: @TakeoutTrauma
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The review was supposed to be posted on December 3 this year, and then shared on Instagram Exit Trauma.

– What is the problem?

However, it is no longer visible on the restaurant’s JustEat page.

McDonald's warns of a french fries crisis

McDonald’s warns of french fries crisis

The reaction wasn’t long in coming.

– What it takes to get one star, write in the comments column.

DISCLOSE: “McDonalds employee reveals” made claims on Tiktok. Communications Manager Veronika Skagestad at McDonald’s Norway dismissed the claims. Video: Tiktok @dresav92
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Others don’t seem too surprised by this finding:

– But what’s the problem? Chicken heads (brains, eyes, etc.) are delicious, wrote one seemingly unfazed.

Got his life shock from x-ray

Got his life shock from x-ray

But not everyone copes with it equally well:

– I really wish I could take a two minute trip to the past, before I saw this, the person wrote.

– Philanthrope

KFC in the UK has witnessed a resurgence.

With himself instagram account they called Gabrielle’s review “probably the most generous two-star review ever”.

Mysterious discovery: - It shouldn't be there

Mysterious discovery: – It shouldn’t be there

– Honestly, wow. We were really surprised by this picture. We’re even baffled, the British fast-food chain wrote.

– It’s surprising. As soon as we saw that, we went with JustEat and investigated the matter. Simply put – we serve REAL chicken. And we are proud of that.

I: It’s not something you see every day, a cow on the way to McDonald’s. Video: Dagbladet / Viralhog.
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Furthermore, the fast food chain explained that they have strict control on the food in several stages before it arrives at the restaurant, where their employees prepare the food.

Suddenly the footprints glow blue

Suddenly the footprints glow blue

– But it is true that even the best plans can – in rare cases – go wrong. And this is really a rare case. This is something we take seriously, KFC wrote.

– Have applied actions

They promised that they had put in place measures to prevent it from happening again.

– In the end, what matters is that Gabrielle should have had a really good experience with KFC tonight, and she didn’t.

Suddenly it fell from the ceiling

Suddenly it fell from the ceiling

KFC said they had contacted Gabrielle, and that she had received free food as a plaster on her wound. They also invited him and his family to the restaurant, so they could see how the employees were working in the kitchen “so he can feel safer next time”.

– Let’s face it: Nobody wants to show up @TakeoutTrauma (no pain, guys). We hope Gabrielle will leave another 5 star review soon, they concluded.

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