Julian Assange’s health is deteriorating, his wife says

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Stella Assangefounder’s wife WikiLeaks, Julian Assangestated that her husband’s health had deteriorated significantly in prison belmarsh in London.

In an interview with Australian channel ABC, Stella noted that his Julian Assange he suffered a “minor stroke” last October: “it was an unpleasant environment and would worsen anyone’s health, but his health was already bad when he went to prison”.

‘We fear his health will deteriorate’

Keep in mind that last Friday British government agree to extradition Julian Assange to USAwhich has 14 days to appeal.

“We are deeply concerned that at any time he has a very serious health episode in Belmarsh Prison, without being able to receive emergency treatment, because that is basically the nature of prisons,” Stella added.

‘Black Day for Press Freedom’

For its part, WikiLeaks stated on its Twitter account that this was a “dark day for British press freedom and democracy.”

The portal also added that “anyone in this country concerned with freedom of expression should be deeply ashamed that the Secretary of the Interior has approved the extradition of Julian Assange to a North American country.”

What is Julian Assange alleging?

Activist, journalist and researcher Julian Assange, 50, was charged with European Union for the publication of hundreds of thousands of pages of classified military documents and classified diplomatic cables about the activities of the North American nation in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

These cables are broadcast by their leak portal WikiLeaksthe reason according to the government European Union This is a crime that carries a maximum sentence of 175 years in prison.

“A European Union and to great Britain they like to talk about political prisoners abroad, but they have created their own political prisoners. At every stage, the law has been abused to become a victim Julian: he has been silenced, he has disappeared”, firmly Stella Assange.

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