Johnson and other British politicians not allowed to enter Russia • ‘Russia deliberately destroys bridge’

Explosions continued overnight in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev and in the western city of Lviv. It is not clear if there were any fatalities. Perhaps it concerns countermeasures after the sinking of the Russian battleship Moskva in the Black Sea.

According to Colonel Han Bouwmeester, professor of military strategy at the Dutch Defense Academy, it is difficult to say, because there were also military targets in both cities. “It also has symbolic value. Kiev is the capital, where President Zelensky receives government leaders. It’s also an image.” It will also be more difficult for Russia because it turns out that the siege of Kiev is militarily impossible, Bouwmeester said in the newspaper. NOS Radio 1 Newsright

“They will now focus on the south. At the end of the 18th century Catherine the Great also conquered the region, the new Russia. If Putin made a good story out of it, it could be delivered very brilliantly in Russia, but then he must first conquer the Donbas region and the southern region.”

Dvornikov . hand

Yesterday, Russia announced that it would deploy long-range bombers. “That’s Tupolev, TU-22M3, referred to by NATO as Backfires. This is a somewhat larger aircraft, which cannot participate in real dogfights. That’s why people were initially reluctant to use it. They are now going to Mariupol with a large load of bombs.”

According to Bouwmeester, this will show the hand of the Russian commander Aleksander Dvornikov. “That’s a guy from the southern military district. He’s from heavy artillery, that’s also a tactic in Syria. He has a ruthless character. He immediately seized Idlib airport so that Aleppo could be conquered. We will do it.” We will look back in the coming weeks if the Donbas will be conquered.”

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