JK Rowling removed as symbol – because she opposes “wake up” transideology

JK Rowling i 2008. Photo: Matthew Healey/UPI/Shutterstock



– It’s a sensor.

A high school in England specializing in performing arts has decided to rename a house, which until recently was named after renowned author JK Rowling, who wrote the book about Harry Potter. This is justified by the author’s view of transideology.

Rowling has been in bad weather in recent years, due to what are considered to be transphobic statements. Even though he has repeatedly emphasized that he has no problem with transgender.

Rowling’s remarks have sparked a strong reaction, and led to a number of cancellations and condemnation among academics and celebrities. Boswells School in Chelmsford, Essex, has now decided to rename a house which until recently was named after Rowling. The house will be named after athlete Kelly Holmes. That report Daily mail.


The term house – “house” – in this context is not meant for the actual building, but for the various subdivisions of the school, into which the students are divided.

– After several requests from students and staff, we reviewed our red house name «Rowling», based on JK Rowling’s comments and views on transgender people. His views in this area are inconsistent with our school’s policies, the school wrote in a bulletin, in which they also stated that schools should be “places where people are free”.

– Sensors

The decision drew criticism from several parents at the school.

– It’s a sensor. JK Rowling is a good example of achieving success through adversity, parents told the Daily Mail.

– Not everyone thinks he should disappear. Many schools seem to be doing the same nowadays, unfortunately, he continued.

Excluded by themselves

JK Rowling has even been ostracized by the actor and filmmaker who brought Harry Potter from book to film. In a recent HBO program where actors and filmmakers gathered for a reunion, Rowling was almost completely excluded, except for some old video clips. This is despite the fact that the entire Harry Potter universe would not exist without him.

JK Rowling is left-wing, but at the same time believes, among other things, that it is inappropriate for adult men to have access to places previously reserved for women, such as toilets.

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