JA21 wants to move shelters for safelanders: ‘Asylum seekers to Curaçao’

The Netherlands had to move asylum procedures for asylum seekers from safe countries to the royal Caribbean. JA21 made that proposal. This would concern independent states within the kingdom such as Curaçao, Aruba and Sint Maarten. Parties such as the VVD and the PVV also want migration deals with countries outside the EU.

The party made the proposal in line with Denmark and Britain, which want to move asylum procedures to Rwanda. But where the Netherlands will face other laws in the country, the receipt of safelanders from the Caribbean can be sent back under Dutch law, according to party leader Joos Eerdmans.

“We expect that policy changes in our asylum policy will have a very large inhibitory effect on the safe arrival of landers to the Netherlands.” As far as he is concerned, this is the first step towards fully transferring asylum procedures to partner countries.

coalition deal

In the coalition agreement, the government intends to seek ‘migration partnerships with third countries’ ‘to manage migration flows and realize returns’. However, nothing came of this intention, which was also appreciated by the previous cabinet. Eerdmans wanted to increase the pressure with his proposal.

European law professor Gareth Davies and assistant professor of migration law Martijn Stronks of the Free University may find the proposal ‘legally attractive’, but are not too concerned about its feasibility. Eerdmans admits that Curaçao, whom he thinks is the clearest in this plan because of its size, has not been asked for cooperation.

Migration Offer

Apart from JA21 and PVV, the ruling party VVD is also for agreements such as Denmark and the UK that (want to) make with Rwanda. “The VVD supports migration deals with countries outside the EU,” said VVD lawmaker Ruben Brekelmans recently.

“The UK shows that migration deals with countries outside Europe are still possible. The EU should also do more in this regard.”

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