Israeli asylum seekers want to stay because of ‘apartheid’ in Israel

An Israeli who went to Britain to avoid military service has appealed his case during his stay. He wanted to avoid expulsion, particularly on the grounds that Israel was an apartheid state.

If the Israeli student wins the appeal, it will set a legal precedent. “This case can help grant asylum to anti-Zionist Jews and Palestinians who are being persecuted for their opposition to apartheid,” one of the lawyers tweeted.

The 22-year-old student, an ultra-Orthodox, anti-Zionist Jew, denies Israel’s existence for religious and political-ideological reasons. He believed that the Jews should not be allowed to return to the Holy Land en masse until the Messiah had returned.

Lawyers for asylum seekers said their clients were beaten and spat on by Israeli police officers. He was also sprayed with so-called ‘stinky water’ for taking part in anti-Zionist protests before fleeing the country.

In December 2020, his asylum application was rejected. Last month, a judge ruled that he would receive “inhumane and degrading treatment” in Israel and was therefore allowed to stay. The student was happy with this decision, but also disappointed that it focused on his mental health rather than Israel’s “racist and oppressive structure”. Therefore, the student has filed an appeal, the news website reports Middle Eastern Eyesright

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