Isabel II’s state of health could cause her to miss Felipe .’s services

It has been reported that Queen Elizabeth II’s wish to attend thanksgiving service with the inheritance of her late husband, Philip from Edinburgh, they were great and he didn’t want to miss them for any reason, even though this could be due to his weak state of health. The current monarch of England has the whole world on edge with his disjointed appearance in public.

Despite the occasions where we have seen her personally attending to her actual responsibilities, she has stood, wandless and smiling, there is no denying that she also looks thinner than before, which would confirm Queen Elizabeth II’s version of alleged weakness, which is not known whether or not. she will be seen during the event dedicated to her empress died last April 9.

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Meanwhile, Palace aides continued to work on plans so that, if the British rulers decided to attend. at Westminster Abbey with a more comfortable arrival by helicopter and your privacy protected by a large screen. Prince Philip’s widow is 95 years old and his health has deteriorated in recent months.

Some royal experts have also stated that at this time in her life, Elizabeth II of England is in a wheelchair and that is why the Royal Face of England must come up with a good plan to protect the uncertainty that the queen poses. in this condition. Although this is just speculation, as Buckingham Palace has yet to confirm this version.

Having missed an important Commonwealth Day ceremony last week due to staff concerns for her comfort, Prince William’s grandmother seen standing and wielding a cane inside Windsor Castle in Berks, while enjoying looking at pieces of Chinese porcelain.

Meanwhile he Prince Philip’s funeral was held with capacity restrictions Due to the global health situation and only his closest relatives in attendance, he would like to take this opportunity to present a memorial service worthy of his life, work and legacy, and to fulfill that requirement, Her Highness, Elizabeth II, must attend. .

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It will be next Tuesday March 29 to implement Thanksgiving service for the life of Prince Philip and it will be attended by his family and close friends, as well as people representing the charities he sponsors in life. These days, the Queen of England has to weigh in on whether to show up regardless of her physical fitness, so she can make a last-minute decision depending on her feelings.

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