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It rumors on course bad health from the president of russia Vladimir Putin They are again dominating the conversation on social media.

This, after the reporters mike sinton shared a video where the president looks kinda ‘uncomfortable‘ while reading a speech on the sidelines of the film awards ceremony.

“Putin’s feet shiverseen unstable stood up, sparking further speculation about his health. The video was taken on a Sunday,” the communicator wrote on his social network.

This is not the first time Putin’s health has been questioned. On several occasions, Russian presidents have been arrested with unusual vibrations in the feet and handswho had strengthened the theory that showed that he was suffering parkinsonhe even convinced himself that he was suffering or had suffered cancer.

Speculation grew after the invasion of Ukraine. Since May 14, the head of Ukrainian military intelligence, Major General Kyrylo Budanovdeclared to SkyNews that putin very ill” and suggested that a coup was taking place in the Kremlin.

A former spy KGB convincing during an interview with a British newspaper”Sun” that Vladimir Putin suffering from “early stage” dementia and Parkinson’s.

“I am not a doctor myself, but— there is great concern that Putin suffers from various physical health conditions, probably due to a sports injury during his youth. This adds to some of the problems that affect older people, such as dementia in the early stages,” said the former Russian agent. Boris Karpichkov62 years.

The Russian defector, who currently lives in the UK, said that Putin sees everyone as “traitor” and that his health is a “very sensitive issue”. “He was, or at least acted, crazy and obsessed with paranoid idea“, he gave an example.

In this regard, the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov have claimed that no one is sane”can see the symptoms of the disease” in.

“President Putin appear in public every day. They could see him on the screen, listening to his speech. I don’t think any sane person can appreciate the symptoms of the disease in this man,” Lavrov said in a televised interview.

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