is it good or bad for health?

Pee in the bathroom it is a secret but common practice. For some it means saving water in the toilet and others seeing it as a way to save time.

A survey conducted in the UK by shower for youa shower and toilet company, revealed that 76% of people pee in the bathroom.

But how hygienic is this practice and does it exist risk for health? We explain if that good or bad peeing in the bathroom.

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pee in the bathroom😕this is good or bad for health?

Although there is no clear consensus on this, some say that urine sterile and others not. The truth is that this liquid contains very little bacteria and if there is, it’s probably because urinary tract infection.

This is because urine It consists mostly of water, electrolytes, urea, and other compounds from ingested food and drink.

So much so that it is almost impossible for you alone urine may cause infection if you do pee on bath, even if you have an open wound and will come into contact with pee.

Pee on the floor sprinklers also doesn’t mean much risk to health because in bath Daily dirt and other contaminants are regularly rinsed. But it is advisable to give the floor an extra rinse.

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What if you shower with someone else?

If you use sprinklers common usage, out of courtesy, it would be best to resist the urge to pee. And if in your house you you shower with other people, it would be better to discuss it and reach an agreement.

Above all because if one of them had urinary tract infectionto pee in the bathroom can be infected bacteria with other people. infection by Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) can spread from sprinklers.

It seems pee on sprinklers pose no risk Health and profit only lies in saving water and toilet paper. Now it is up to you to decide whether you will continue to do so or not.


With information from: Healthline

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