Instagram brings news to protect teens’ mental health

Fast response on Instagram. (photo: New Phone)

Through new publications on your website, Target have announced that they will be making some improvements to Instagram. ANDThese new features will be targeted at parents and teens; you provides tools to combat harmful habits in application.

To do this, they announced a feature that allows teens to control what they watch and how long they watch it. In this way, Instagram intends to give a “nudge” to those who are stuck in the same type of publication on social network.

With a notification similar to ‘Break’; The company intends to encourage teens to stop viewing certain types of magazines. As detailed by the company, it’s a feature that can help teens “discover something new and exclude certain types of topics that could be associated with appearance comparison.

However, it looks like this novelty won’t be available everywhere. The company shows that, initially, it will achieve Canada, Australia, United States of AmericaUK, Ireland and New Zealand.

This is how this new Instagram feature works

The description given by the company is quite simple. When Instagram detects a repeating pattern in a user’s viewed post, displays a message suggesting what you might see next. At the same time, they will have the opportunity to see other types of content that may be of interest.

It’s important to note that images recommended by the platform will not be associated with content that already appears in the Explore section of the app. So you can be sure not to fall back into the same circleat least in principle.

“We want to make sure that people are happy with the time they’re spending on Instagram… It’s a way to push it a bit. It doesn’t matter what topic you study, if you do it specifically, we will let you know and we will suggest other topics,” he explained. Adam Mosseri, Instagram heads to CBS Mornings.

(photo: Instagram)
(photo: Instagram)

According to Instagram, this new feature is backed by experts

Usually users don’t really like this type of Instagram option. Not because they’re useless, but because apps don’t help them work from time to time. For example, the ‘Break’ function reset your watch every time app user. This way, if you have replied to a message, you will have a whole new start, so the reminder will never be seen.

However, if this feature is implemented well, it can be very useful. In fact, a study published in ResearchGate demonstrated its benefits by creating friction in the user experience.

The results of this study indicate that 58.2% respondents found this reminder very useful. As a result, they are known to “agree or strongly agree that push improves their social media experience by helping them pay more attention to their time on the platform.”

Instagram logos.  (photo: Thirteen Bit)
Instagram logos. (photo: Thirteen Bit)

Scrolls and parental controls will also receive updates

Furthermore, the company has ensured that will include Rest at functionality roll your platform. Also, they plan to do it in a more interactive way. Like the previous function, this function will initially be tested on UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

(photo: Instagram)
(photo: Instagram)

Both features are expected to be available in more countries by the end of September. Among other new features, Instagram now allows parents to send requests to their teens to access parental controls.

Second, Parents can now see information about posts reported by their children. Finally, they can also observe the time they spend on Instagram.


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