INE validates 100% of signatures required to revoke credentials

That National Electoral College (INE) reports that it is possible to validate the legal objective of the 3% signature of the nominal register that required the Institute to hold consultations to revoke the mandate of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The director of the Federal Voter Register, René Miranda Jaimes, explained that the 2 million 758 thousand signatures required to summon the exercise were exceeded.

He explained that 2 million 845 thousand 634 citizens have been definitively registered and verified, “this is a little more than 100% of the required goal, we are talking about 104.23%”.

He added that home verification will be carried out in the universe of 3% of verified signatures, and statistical samples will be generated across 32 entities.

INE presidential counselor, Lorenzo Cordova, explained that, once the review is complete, the INE Executive Secretariat will submit a report to the General Council with a final opinion from the Federal Voters List confirming that the constitutional requirements to call for a revocation of the mandate have been met.

He added that the General Council of INE will approve and issue a formal call for the Revocation of Mandate process on February 4th.

“INE will continue verification until it completes 11.1 million signatures submitted to promote Revocation,” the counselor wrote on his Twitter account.

On January 13, INE submitted a request for additional resources to the Ministry of Finance, amounting to one thousand 738 million 947 thousand 155 pesos, to carry out the revocation of the mandate.

However, the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, reported that No money to provide the Institute with additional resources from the budget to carry out the exercises.

Even the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Public Functions presented a savings plan for INE which includes cuts in salaries, operational costs and trust to save 2 thousand 792 million pesos to comply with the revocation.

At a press conference this Tuesday, the director of the Federal Electoral Registry, René Miranda, reminded that the Ministry of Finance has until January 31 to determine whether the requested resources are expended, and thus determine the scope of the exercise.

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