Indeed: still high demand for customs personnel due to Brexit

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After Brexit, there is still a lot of work to be done at Dutch customs. Careers sites Indeed note that the demand for personnel in these services has increased sharply in the past year.

Brexit has been a fact since early 2021. As a result, stricter import and export regulations also apply to products shipped to and from the United Kingdom. These are checked by customs, which means they have more work to do. It does warn that staff shortages at customs have devastating consequences for businesses and consumers, such as delays.

According to Indeed, the number of vacancies at Dutch customs increased by 67 percent in the run-up to Brexit. In 2021, the year after the official exit from the European Union, the number of jobs increased another 49 percent. Indeed noted that the increase in employment should be seen from the overall economic recovery. For example, the shortage of personnel in some sectors.

Indeed, the UK had anticipated Brexit well. Prior to departure, the number of vacancies at UK customs increased 270 per cent. A year later, there was a slight decrease in the number of vacancies. Indeed it further notes that there is still a staff shortage in services in France and Belgium. The Netherlands, Belgium and France are the UK’s important trading partners. According to Indeed, the shortage is therefore “not entirely coincidental”.

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