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England braces for the first hurricane of the season, Arwen. The UK Meteorological Office has issued a red weather code for very strong winds in parts of the country. It is not uncommon for the meteorological service to issue the highest warning.

The warning is in effect from Friday afternoon at 15.00 until Saturday night at 02.00. The heaviest gusts, up to 80 miles per hour, occurred over northeast England and the east coast of Scotland. It is feared that the coastal area will be damaged by high waves. The Met Office warned people not to go outside.

Code orange has been issued for Saturday morning over the wider area, due to the expected wind speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour. The warning also applies to southwest England and west Wales. Code yellow applies throughout the country.


Arwen also influences the weather in the Netherlands. ,,We are indeed on the east side of the quiet depression, but around it there is rain that reaches us with arcs”, said Matthijs van der Linden from Weerplaza. It will rain mainly this afternoon and evening, and it may be accompanied by hail the next evening and Saturday. “The air is cold and the precipitation consists of snow, but the undercoat is still above zero. As soon as it rains a little more intensively, it can turn a little white. On the coast the possibility is small because the sea water temperature is relatively high. However, in the interior, for example in Veluwe, the chances are greater.”

We don’t have to take into account strong wind gusts like in Great Britain in the Netherlands, the weather expert continued. “The rest of Arwen will cause increased winds in coastal areas on Saturday, but strong winds may not be forthcoming.”


The storm now moving south along the east coast of England is also called Arwen here. ,,We are in the same group as England”, explained Van der Linden. The Met Office weather service, together with the Irish Met ireann and KNMI, compiled the list of hurricane season 2021-2022 together. The first storm with a name introduced by the Dutch was Corrie, in reference to the KNMI’s first female meteorologist Corrie van Dijk in 1964.

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