How are sanctions against Russia viewed and who will be hit the hardest?

“Initially, Ukraine was a little disappointed. The first sanctions were applied mainly in the new people’s republic. But when the package was expanded, people have adapted to it,” correspondent Geert Groot Koerkamp told the newspaper. NOS Radio 1 Newsright

Hit hard

Sanctions will now primarily affect individuals. “This concerns people who are directly involved in the decision-making process regarding the recognition of the people’s republic. This concerns Russian MPs and Putin’s entourage,” Kurkamp said.

Many of these people have been on the sanctions list for a long time. That is why they will now be looking at a bit of new sanctions. “Those people have somehow adjusted to the restrictions imposed by the West.”

Nordstream 2

Germany announced that for now there will be no further work on the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline. Nordstream is not required to supply Russian gas to European customers. There are pipelines through Ukraine and Belarus, gas will continue to flow through them and Russia knows that Europe really needs Russia.”


According to Koerkamp, ​​there are other options for the West. “Like Russia cutting international payments, Swift. These are all sanctions that have potential consequences for all parties involved. The same goes for Western countries and consumers.”

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