HighPoint provides API security with Noname Security platform

Noname Security and HighPoint start collaboration. HighPoint will use the Noname Security API Security Platform to provide security services to customers.

Anonymous Security developing a platform for API security. This solution inventory all APIs in the environment to find threats, attacks, and misconfigurations. The test tool enables API security testing before the API is launched in a production environment.

HighPoint provides networking, security, and consulting services to customers in the US, Netherlands and UK. Noname Security and HighPoint start a partnership. HighPoint will use the API Security Platform in its customer service.

“We have always focused on securing our infrastructure and customer data,” said Neil Dearman, Head of Technology at HighPoint. “The expansion (with Noname Security, ed.) is meant to protect customers more proactively, with full security expertise and more consulting expertise.”

Why API Security?

HighPoint’s interest is understandable. API traffic is increasing, but traditional security measures are not suitable for abuse. WAF (Web Application Firewall) recognizes suspicious traffic, but has no idea what’s going on behind the scenes.

The Noname Security platform goes a step further than WAF. This technology analyzes traffic and configuration. Suspicious calls are bugged. APIs are at risk of appearing. Several testing tools allow for developing more secure APIs.

Tip: Noname Security receives 120 million euros for API security platform

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