Here’s what you need to know about Manchester City – Liverpool: the battle for the top spot in England

Manchester City collected 73 points after 30 games, Liverpool followed with 1 point. On Sunday, 2 English Premier League matches will face each other. Also the match between Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp. Check here everything you need to know about crackers.

To quickly quell the competition: Chelsea are 3rd in the Premier League with 59 points from 29 games. So it will really be a fight between Manchester City and Liverpool.

Liverpool have won their last 9 Premier League games in a row. In between, there was only one loss to Inter (1-0) in the Champions League, but that doesn’t matter because of the 2-0 win at Milan. The League Cup final was also won in that period: Chelsea were beaten after knocking, having gone 0-0.

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Manchester City
Of the last 9 matches in the Premier League, Manchester City ‘only’ won 6. Chelsea and Manchester United were among them. However, the points were lost against Crystal Palace, Tottenham Hotspur and Southampton. City beat Atlético Madrid 1-0 this week in the Champions League.

On what channel do I watch Manchester City – Liverpool?

Match between title candidates in the Premier League on Sunday at 17:30. Preview starts an hour early on Ziggo SportsThe match will also be broadcast there. Don’t be surprised if you turn it on at 17:00 and see Formula 1: it’s just a summary of the Australian Grand Prix, among other things.

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