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TGW Digital – In strengthening health workers, the Guatemalan Social Security Institute (IGSS) reported that specialists from the Quetzaltenango General Hospital received training on breast tissue biopsy.

This training lasts for three days and is organized by the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, in coordination with the Training and Development area of ​​the center.

The main objective is to strengthen the knowledge of medical personnel, due to the increasing demand for gynecological and obstetric services.

In light of this, it was shown that during the activity the participants explored on a technical and practical level the techniques for taking core or cone needle biopsies and fine needle aspiration biopsies.

A needle biopsy involves taking a piece of breast tissue with a needle that has an automatic spring. This allows the needle to be moved quickly from the inside to the outside of the tissue.

In addition, with a fine needle aspiration biopsy, a sample of cells is obtained through a needle attached to a syringe, which is inserted into the mass where there may be cancer.

For this reason, and for practical purposes, authorities use different fruits such as apples and grapes, to model the procedure in each technique.

Finally, they highlighted that to respond promptly to requests for these services, Quetzaltenango General Hospital has acquired new equipment for sampling breast tissue.

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