He got a pimple on his chest, popped it and realized it was cancer

It was in 2020 when Siobhan Harrison saw a pimple growing on the top of her breast you tried to squeeze it but the area was bruised and then the lump started growing.

In an interview for UK portal PA Life, she said she had been watching the pimple for a while and noticed that it was starting to grow, the 24-year-old said, so she made an appointment with a doctor.

Doctors suggested that he undergo some tests through the British public health system, but waited at least nine months, so he decided to pay around $250 to have an ultrasound done in a private hospital.

Results they indicate the possibility of cancer, so he went to the public health service again to wait for it and it was done until 2021.

He said that he expected it to be a cyst, but he never expected it to be this bad. The study shows that it is stage two triple negative breast cancer.

Stage two means the cancer has spread to nearby tissues, but not to organs. It Triple negative breast cancer is one of the fastest spreading and have fewer treatment options, plus tend to have a worse outcome than other types of cancer.

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“It grew fast and the lump is now over 2cm in size. The doctors scheduled me for surgery the following week, it all happened so fast.”

He removed the lump and froze the egg before undergoing 12 rounds of chemotherapy and also received two weeks of radiation in early 2022 to help prevent cancer recurrence.

Now Harrison is being monitored to see if the cancer cells have returned, and now she is encouraging other women not to neglect their health.

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