Great Britain over 40 degrees ceiling


Throughout the day dozens of fires have been declared in the south of England. UK braces for temperatures that could hit 43 degrees in London

Historical records, Great Britain exceeds 40 degrees ceilingWORLD
  • heat wave Heatwave in UK leads to closure of Luton airport and cancellation of hundreds of train trips

After the hottest night ever recorded on great Britain (25.9 degrees at Emley Moor), breaking temperatures for the first time 40 degree ceiling on what was already the hottest day in its history. Thermometer marked 40.2 degrees at Heathrow at one o’clock in the afternoon, and the Meteorological Office has warned that between 41 and 43 degrees could be reached in the south of the country throughout the day and at the height of the heatwave, which would give way on Wednesday to twins on alert for a thunderstorm. The previous record in the British Isles had been set in 2019 at 38.7 degrees at Cambridge.

At nine o’clock in the morning (10 in Spain) the thermometer rises above 32 degrees at the main airport the day after Luton had to be temporarily closed due to damage to the runway due to excessive heat.

All day Dozens of fires in southern England: from Essex to Cornwall, via Kent. More than 30 fire engines fought another spectacular fire in the Upminstees, while the London brigade spread between Croydon and Wembley. Across the country there are at least half a dozen deaths that occur in the water; three of them were teenagers trying to beat the heat on the Thames, the Tyne and around Manchester.

London declares ‘serious incident’ status

London declared this Tuesday a “serious incident” because several fires in the capital and surroundings that threaten homes and which have led to the mobilization of hundreds of firefighters, according to the EFE report.

One hundred firefighters tried to extinguish this Tuesday several fires were declared in houses in the city Weningtona small town of about 300 inhabitants, east of London.

In a message on Twitter, the mayor of the British capital, Sadiq Khandeclared the situation a “serious incident” and said the Fire Brigade was now “under immense pressure.”

I urge citizens to take care” in a “critical” situation. The Fire Department “has announced a serious incident in response to the large wave of fires in the capital today,” Khan said in a tweet.

Firefighters have sent fifteen units and about a hundred troops They are now trying to put out the fire, which appears to have covered several buildings and adjacent land.

Red alert for extreme heat

Authorities recommend that Britons work from home and avoid non-essential travel, among criticisms of Boris Johnson to stand two cupboards cobra emergency to plan responses to heat waves (the premiere throw a party at Checkers and jump into a fighter jet at an air show in a countdown to the hottest day).

Hundreds of train trips suspended, three lines London subway (not equipped with air conditioning) closed, transport infrastructure severely affected, as well as ambulance and hospital services, not ready to work with temperatures above 40 degrees.

For the first time, British authorities have decided red alert for extreme heat episode. The record to date has been set by Cambridge, with 38.7 degrees in 2019.

The ten hottest years in great Britain has been noted in the last century and this trend is emphasized year after year. The Meteorological Office has warned that climate change is making heatwaves like the one engulfing southern Europe and only up to ten times more likely to hit the UK.

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