Government prepares Health for UK heatwave

London, 15 July The UK government has launched preparations to get Public Health (NHS, in English) ready to care for vulnerable people in the face of the intense heatwave that will kick off this Sunday in the UK.

The UK Meteorological Office (Met, in English) has issued a warning for this Sunday and through Tuesday, when temperatures are expected to exceed 38 degrees.

The Cabinet Secretary of State, Kit Malthouse, told the media that the main thing was to “prepare” government services and it was important that people take care of the “most vulnerable groups”, such as children and the elderly.

There is a “possibility” that temperatures this weekend will hit 40 degrees, which would be a record, said Malthouse, who yesterday participated in a meeting of the Cobra emergency committee, made up of several Government members, to evaluate the authorities’ response to this heatwave.

Authorities have asked residents to keep hydration levels high, to close curtains at home and not to expose themselves to the sun in the middle of the day.

The Met has shown that high temperatures respond to warm air coming from the southern continent of Europe.

The office warned in a note that residents may experience adverse health effects that will not be limited to the most vulnerable people – such as children and the elderly – and which could cause “serious or life-threatening illness.”

High temperatures are expected to cause delays and cancellations of trains or flights. EFE

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