Folk Chat, Christmas | – My husband was surprised that I was not happy to get four summer tires for Christmas

Next in the Christmas sermon is parish priest Tracy Jane Rishton at Tananger parish.

Christmas Talk

The questions are sent the day after the first Sunday of Advent. Considering that it is a small Christmas Eve, one has to take into account that the parish priest is in good Christmas fashion right now.

Are you in the Christmas mood (why/why not?)

Christmas mood is on its way, but I want to experience Advent first. I’m not always good at waiting for something, but I know a lot of good to be found in active waiting. Advent is a great time for that, but it’s easy to rush through it to make it to Christmas. I think we miss a lot when we don’t take the time to feel anticipation and preparation. With us, we don’t hang Christmas decorations or put up a Christmas tree until it’s close to Christmas. This also means that we don’t get bored quickly and can enjoy it happily until the customary day of removing the Christmas decorations on January 5.

What gets you in the Christmas mood?

For me, it’s the music, the dishes and the traditions that make me feel the Christmas mood. Preferably some from Norway and UK ex. mince pie (English sweet pie), traditional carols and excursions.

When is it OK to hang Christmas decorations?

With us we decorated Christmas Dec 23. Every family has different traditions and people. We decorate the exterior of the house with candles at the start of the Advent season.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

It’s hard to answer. It’s easier to remember the gift I received from my husband a few years ago and which is not as surprising as I can imagine, four summer tires! What made it even funnier was that he thought I would be so happy with the nice gift he bought!

What’s the most unsuccessful gift you’ve ever given?

I just don’t know. It is very likely that there are quite a few of them, but friends and family are kind enough to thank them nicely.

Who gave your family the best Christmas gifts?

Without a doubt, our eldest son Matt. I got a lot of “aha” experiences from reading the book Five Love Languages. Those who have gifts as their love language are often the best at giving gifts.

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

“Home Alone”, I never get tired of this movie even though I’ve watched it every year since it first came out.

What is your unique Christmas tradition?

With us, we celebrate Christmas on the 1st of Christmas. This isn’t a strange Christmas tradition as most of the world celebrates Christmas on December 25th, but it’s different here in the Nordics. We started by taking off our socks, eating Christmas breakfast and then we opened the Christmas pack. With us, most things are like watching Christmas movies from USA and some other countries.

Who makes the best Christmas food?

In our family this is me, often with the help of several other people in the family. Part of celebrating with us is that we create together.

Christmas meat or vegetarian?

To me, it’s a turkey with all the traditional accessories on Christmas Day, but maybe vegetarian on other days.

What are your best Christmas childhood memories?

It must have been when we got together as a big family with several generations, and that’s what I miss most about living in another country. Someone who misses family the most during the holidays. Luckily, we have our adult children nearby. We started out as a big family, just us!

Where will you celebrate Christmas this year?

On Christmas Eve, there will be some services for my husband and I and a quiet night when we get home. On Christmas Day, there will be a big celebration in our house. Then the kids and their families came to visit and we celebrated with packages, food, laughter and lies, games and for those who could, even more food!

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