First Case of Monkeypox Confirmed in Texas; infected people travel from Mexico to Dallas

DALLAS – One person traveling from Mexico to Dallas confirmed as the first case in Texas of someone infected with monkeypox this year, the Texas Department of Health Services announced Tuesday.

The patient is isolated at his residence. Health authorities said it was possible some people were exposed. and are being observed if they show any signs of infection.

Health authorities have confirmed that the disease poses no risk to the public for now. However, the state agency asked passengers who may have been exposed to the patient to self-monitor for possible symptoms.

Health officials around the world have been observing outbreaks involving viral diseases. Until Tuesday, Center for Disease Control confirms 30 cases of monkeypox Since last month.

The UK has reported the most cases globally, 302, more than 1,000 cases have been confirmed worldwide.

The state is working with the Dallas Department of Health and Human Services to investigate the case in Texas.

The recent case is not the first confirmed in the Dallas area in July 2021 a case emerged.

According to health authorities, monkeypox is transmitted to humans through contact with infected people or animals.

It can also be spread from person to person by inhaling large respiratory droplets through close contact with body fluids and injury. It can also become infected with contaminated material.

An infected person may have a fever, rash, and swollen lymph nodes.

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