Eurovision Song Contest, Entertainment | England’s top politicians are furious with Eurovision results: – We have to get out of this joke

– A farewell gift from Europe, says the Norwegian Grand Prix club leader.

As in previous years, Great Britain ended up in a very poor position in the final of the Melody Grand Prix.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, which has gone viral, British politician Nigel Farage highlighted what he thinks about Britain’s bottom position.

– I’ve said it before but we need to get out of this globalist Eurovision joke, wrote the UK’s Brexit politician, and attached a picture of this year’s placement.

In the comments column, there are many comments, and more than 12,000 have shared their opinions. Many agreed with the politician, and called Britain a great music country.

Will release the country from the competition

Farage, who is a politician in Britain’s Brexit party, has been – as his party’s name indicates – a major driver of Britain’s separation from the EU.

Now he also wants England out of the singing competition.

Club leader Morten Thomassen at the Norwegian Grand Prix club was not surprised by the reaction of politicians.

– I think instead of being angry at Europe, Britain should be angry at its own TV stations. There are great British artists on the radio all the time. But this is not participating in the competition, Thomassen told Nettavisen.

He added:

– When they have to explain why they did so badly in the competition, they blame that Europe doesn’t like them, or doesn’t like them anymore. But that’s also because they don’t take competition seriously.

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He explained that England have traditionally done very well in the competition, and they ended up among the ten countries with the most points. This is a recurring trend since England joined the competition in 1957.

However, in 1999, the language requirement disappeared. Thomassen believes this has a lot to say as points are starting to drop for England. Previously, different countries were required to sing in their own language. When this order disappeared, Britain no longer had a big advantage.

– It is clear that “Love is fire” is a phrase that everyone understands. They gave England a big advantage earlier, said Thomassen.

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A farewell gift from the EU

The UK representative at Eurovision, James Newman, reacted with cheers when he was told he had not earned a single point from the judges or TV viewers.

MGP club leader Thomassen is also not surprised that Europe has given England bottom spot this year.

“Europe gave them zero points in the breakup,” he said, referring to Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, via Brexit.

This is the second time in the history of Great Britain to receive zero points in the final. The last time was in 2003.

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Nor was he overly impressed by the quality of England’s contribution.

– Here we are talking about artists deep under the alphabet. It’s not artist A, B or C. Here we have to go down quite a distance, he said.

He believed the reason why they were allowed to participate exclusively was because they were one of the countries that paid their way to the finals with the largest amount.

Furthermore, he believes that many British artists fear being associated with Eurovision, simply because it has become “something” that the UK does very poorly in competition.

– If they withdraw from the competition, it will be important for the competition, Thomassen believes.

For this year’s UK contribution, Thomassen said the following:

– For me, the contribution is more like a typical radio song, with a pleasant atmosphere and rhythm that you can have in the background while driving a car. They couldn’t make anything out of it on TV, and it became more like a guy who was a little comfortable standing on stage and singing.

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