EU reaches agreement on data sharing with UK

The European Union has reached an agreement on data sharing with the UK. After Brexit, options were available on an interim basis, but now there is more clarity on the longer term.

The transition period associated with Brexit means that the parties will have to consider how data traffic between the EU and the UK will go, for example. The UK is no longer required to comply with the GDPR, but seeks to act as closely as possible to the GDPR.

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Now, if you transfer data to the UK, in other words outside the EU, they should be well protected there too. The privacy shield, for example, helps in this regard, although it has been declared invalid since July 2020. However, the European Commission has now decided that the UK will comply with the GDPR in such a way. As promised, it has chosen rules very close to the General Data Protection Regulations. EU is happy with it write EUObserver. There is even a separate law on data in criminal matters, so that data can still be shared between companies and between governments safely despite Brexit.

Several business organizations have expressed their support for the EU decision. The European Union has previously made similar statements about Argentina, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand and Switzerland, meaning that there is also a good relationship with those countries when it comes to data. Hopefully the EU will soon find an alternative to the Privacy Shield, which will also make the United States a better place to share data.

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